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About Twitch Clips

6:23pm July 1, 2020 - by suprix

You may have noticed several dead embeds on various pages around the site. These embeds were Twitch clips, and unfortunately Twitch's API is an ever-changing mess, making the clips routinely break every time Ace fixes them. Bear with us as we try to find a permanent solution. Worst case scenario is we rip and upload them to YouTube and embed them that way.

In other news, the site is steadily being updated even if nothing is posted on the front page. Pages that have been worked on since launch:

  • Several levels

  • Mods and Tools

  • CXBX + Cheat Engine pages

  • WR History (any% is mostly done!)

  • Speeds Chart

We also added a News Archive for posterity. As always, let us know your questions and suggestions for the site on the JSRF Discord.

Happy Canada Day!