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🦀 Twitch is gone 🦀

12:28pm September 19, 2020 - by suprix

All Twitch clips have been replaced by YouTube embeds, and we're probably never going back if we can help it. We also fixed YouTube embeds that had been broken by YouTube's on-site trimming feature. If you run into any more broken videos, please let us know on the discord.

Other pages that have been improved:

  • Version differences

  • Chuo Street

  • Hikage Street

  • Kibogaoka Hill

  • Getting into JSRF Speedrunning (added info about the Retrotink)

  • Noise Tank Locations page added

  • Quicksave mod updated to 6.3

  • Infinite Jump mod added

Most work in the near future will be on the Miscellaneous Info section, so keep an eye out for that.