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Oddities and IGT2

10:45am December 13, 2020 - by suprix

We've reorganized the layout of level pages to separate tech directly relevant to speedrunning (labelled Speedrun Tech) from other weird glitches that are useless in runs (labelled Oddities). Hopefully, if you're learning how to speedrun this game, this will make it clearer which material is important and will cut down on content bloating.

Also, fuse and 7thAce have recently rolled out IGT 2.0, complete with cutscene skipping and other quality-of-life features meant to make running the game more enjoyable! Download it on the Mods page or on the srcom Resources page, and make sure to read both the IGT2 readme for instructions, and the leaderboard rules for updates reflecting how we're going to handle IGT updates.

Other updates:

Have a safe and happy holidays!