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2021 Update

8:12pm October 14th, 2021 - by 7thAce

It's been a bit since the last published update and a lot of strats have been found in the last year! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Many of the Any% optimizations from the previous few months are now included. There are a lot of them, so let us know if we missed anything on the discord.

  • Two JSRF Prototypes were released by Hidden Palace and show what the game was like before launch. The dates of these builds are Dec 4th, 2001 and Jan 7th, 2002 with the former being rather different than the game we know. In the future, mods that make the game fully playable will be found in the modding section.

  • Several non-any% alternative setups have been posted with their relevant context with Sky Dino noise tank setups being the most relevant.

  • Mods section updated. In a future update, this area may be redesigned.

Extra thanks to Yomsa and Acebats for text and videos done for this update.