A multi-unlock occurs when two or more graffiti souls are unlocked on the same frame. All of the unlock animations are played simultaneously, resulting in overall timesave during speedruns.

Special challenges cannot be part of a multi-unlock this way and will always be played separately from other unlock animations, if unlocked at the same time.

List of multi-unlock trick sequences used in speedruns:

All multi-unlock trick sequences listed are started on a rail, which counts as one trick.

  • Dogen: 8X 1A 5X 5Y - Grind 10, Tricks 20, and Points 50k [Souls%] [100%] [100% NPG]

  • Shibuya: 5X 2A 5X 1A 5X 5Y - Grind 10, Points 100k [Souls%] [100%] [100% NPG]

  • Chuo: 10Y - Grind 10, Points 60k [Souls%] [100%] [100% NPG]

  • 99th: 15Y - Grind 15, Points 100k [Souls%] [100%] [100% NPG]

  • Highway Zero: 5X 2A 1X 4A 8X 2A 7X 2A 7X 2A 6X 2A 15X - Grind 15, Tricks 70 [Souls%] [100%] [100% NPG]

Other multi-unlock sequences are known but have no current use in any leaderboard category.