Other Common Terms

This page contains other common terms used by the community. None of these are actual techniques, but are used commonly enough that there should be a reference somewhere.

Walk of Shame

A walk of shame happens when you have to walk a long way rather than boosting, due to lack of cans. Most commonly used in 99th street after graffiti completion and Rokkaku Dai Heights heading towards the trailer before gate skip.

Getting Yo'd

Selecting Yoyo instead of Gum, most commonly when starting Chapter 2. Can be applied to other character selections as well.

Can Scam

Because of the way health works in this game, certain enemies can randomly require more cans than usual to defeat. For example, each Chuo tank can require as low as 3 or as high as 5 cans to die. This is also the cause of certain '1-can' tags such as switches and spotlights to be half-sprayed, even though intuitively that shouldn't be possible. If this phenomenon causes a change in route or backup cans to be required, you got can scammed.

Getting Chunned (Race Progress Glitch)

JSRF handles races by putting a ton of invisible checkpoints throughout the map, which you are meant to pass through in the proper order. This is how the game tracks position, map progression, and if you're going the wrong way. You can see the checkpoints visually at the 'progression bar' at the bottom of the screen during a race - every time a character's portrait moves, they passed through a checkpoint.

However, if you somehow miss a checkpoint, you must go back and get it before you can progress in the race. You can see this when your portrait is frozen, despite you obviously progressing in the race. Going OoB during a race will easily lead to this, but sometimes this will just happen on its own even if you did nothing wrong. Unless you catch it as soon as it happens, this will most likely result in you having to do an extra lap to get the checkpoint back. If this happens to you (especially if you did nothing wrong), you got Chunned.

This glitch is named after JSRF runner cchun89.