Character Stats

Here, we go absurdly in depth about all the character stats in the game.

Mouse over the character avatars to see their main stats.

Stamina: The amount of health a character has. For reference, falling does 15 damage, bumping into another character does 10 damage, cops do 5 damage on hit, and more.

G-Stamina: The amount of time (in seconds) a character can be sprayed before they are defeated.

Acceleration: The acceleration, in speed per frame, for character at standstill with the left stick pushed all the way forward. At flat skate speed (175), everyone's acceleration is 0.

Max Cans: The amount of cans a character can hold.

Spray speed: The amount of sprays per second a character can output. A higher number means a faster spray speed. Note that a higher spray speed is detrimental in Taggers Tag.

Cornering: The character's ground cornering performance in degrees per frame, at flat skate speed. At full skate speed (250), every character corners at 1 degree per frame.

Air cornering: The character's air cornering performance in degrees per frame.

Grind magnet: The maximum horizontal distance from a rail, in meters, that the character will cling to the rail from.