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🦀 Twitch is gone 🦀

12:28pm September 19, 2020 - by suprix

All Twitch clips have been replaced by YouTube embeds, and we're probably never going back if we can help it. We also fixed YouTube embeds that had been broken by YouTube's on-site trimming feature. If you run into any more broken videos, please let us know on the discord.

Other pages that have been improved:

  • Version differences

  • Chuo Street

  • Hikage Street

  • Kibogaoka Hill

  • Getting into JSRF Speedrunning (added info about the Retrotink)

  • Noise Tank Locations page added

  • Quicksave mod updated to 6.3

  • Infinite Jump mod added

Most work in the near future will be on the Miscellaneous Info section, so keep an eye out for that.

About Twitch Clips

6:23pm July 1, 2020 - by suprix

You may have noticed several dead embeds on various pages around the site. These embeds were Twitch clips, and unfortunately Twitch's API is an ever-changing mess, making the clips routinely break every time Ace fixes them. Bear with us as we try to find a permanent solution. Worst case scenario is we rip and upload them to YouTube and embed them that way.

In other news, the site is steadily being updated even if nothing is posted on the front page. Pages that have been worked on since launch:

  • Several levels

  • Mods and Tools

  • CXBX + Cheat Engine pages

  • WR History (any% is mostly done!)

  • Speeds Chart

We also added a News Archive for posterity. As always, let us know your questions and suggestions for the site on the JSRF Discord.

Happy Canada Day!

Site Launched!

10:48pm June 3, 2020 - by suprix

After months of hard work, JSRF Speedruns is finally here! This site is meant to be a repository of information about JSRF and JSRF speedruns. Every trick and glitch that has been discovered over the game's 13 year speedrunning history has been recorded here for your reference and convenience. If you're a new player, this site is the perfect thing to get you up to speed. If you're an older, more experienced player, maybe this will refuel that JSRF speedrunning drive!?

The main content of the site can be found in the General Techniques and Levels sections - about 95% of the content there is complete, with only a few resources missing. We also have a section dedicated to beginners who are maybe thinking about doing their first run; if that's you, then please give it a read and ask any questions you have in the discord.

We also have a Science section which houses the many mods and tools we have in the JSRF scene, and a Miscellaneous section where you can find all kinds of interesting stuff about JSRF.

This site was built with the new Google Sites, so, as you may notice, the site may look a little aesthetically bland right now. Hopefully Google will add some functionality in the future, but as time goes on, we may migrate the site to a sturdier host depending on how the site evolves. Also, several parts of the site are still under construction. Please bear with us as we continue to flesh it out, and remember that the most useful parts of the site are completely functional.

Again, please post any feedback about the site in the discord. Thank you and enjoy!