Video Tutorials

This page will be a collection of tutorials for speedrunning JSRF. So far, only tutorials for any% have been made. If tutorials get made for other categories, even if they aren't complete, they will be added here.

These are the only complete tutorials, there are others that only go up to chapter 2 or chapter 3 that aren't listed here. If the two tutorials below don't do it for you, you can look up the incomplete ones on Youtube (or ask your questions in the discord).

Movement Exercises by Crabbi


Really good pieces of movement that you should practice for better control over speed, quickturning, angles, and movement.

Any% Tutorial by 7thAce

Part 1, Part 2

This is the most up-to-date tutorial for any%. You should start with this one.

Any% Tutorial by YayodelaRiva

Full playlist

Over 2 years old at this point, but still really good and goes quite in-depth.