Sky Dinosaurian Square

Speedrun Tech

Quick NT

Quick NT is the strat we do to finish the Noise Tank fight as fast as possible. This strat is really all about speed management - if you crash into any of the Noise Tanks, you're probably about to lose a ton of time. You must enter the fight with at least 23 cans.

1. Spray the first Noise Tank immediately. Make sure to stay with him as you jump over the turnstile and onto the rail. Try not to touch him. He should be dead as you jump onto the red rail.

2. Jump onto the left red rail to get the cans, then jump to the right red rail and just keep doing tricks. If your movement is correct, the Noise Tank in front of you will not have gotten the blue cans in front of you. As you catch up to him, slow down and manage your speed behind him, and spray him till he's dead.

    • The reason this strat works is that, for some reason, if you're just the right distance away from the 2nd Noise Tank, he won't pick up the cans. If you're too fast or too slow, he'll grab the cans and you won't have enough to kill him. It's unknown why this works, but it's likely the camera is unloading the cans while off camera, then reloading them as they come back on camera, when the NT is already passed them.

3. Stay on this rail and keep doing tricks, and you'll eventually catch up to the last one. Spray him till he's dead. You'll run out of cans halfway, but you'll soon pick up some blues.

During the fight, any death warp you do will go back to the beginning of the level. If you crash into a NT with enough force, they'll be knocked off the rail and will respawn all the way back at the beginning. This is obviously a huge timeloss, so it's really important to manage your speed appropriately. If this does happen, it may be worth it to follow him into the death warp; hopefully you'll have enough cans to finish him off.

Just beyond the place where the 3rd NT should die, there is a building that the NT's treat as a sort of pit stop - if left alone, the NT's will wait for you here before continuing. If you ever lose an NT and need to track them down, head to this building and see if they're there. If they're not, you should wait there until they come meet you.

Other Quick NT Setups

Variations of the Quick NT setup exist that have different ending states. Some attempt to defeat the Noise Tanks sooner while others end with more cans to afford additional boosts to start Chapter 7. Some can only be performed with 35 can characters, making their use limited to certain categories.

Death Warp Abuse

Similar to Skyscraper, this level is filled with death planes that you can abuse to traverse the area quickly. The picture to the right is a rough diagram for what death warp goes where, but if you wish to learn a route that abuses these, it's best to just copy a video.

Out of Map Death Warps

Sky Dino is somewhat unique in in the fact that there are many out of map deathwarps that are not particuarly hard to reach. Some of the easier or more useful ones include jumping off the back of the theater where Tricks 100 spawns, the Bermuda Triangle, a hole in the death plane that's easy to access near the front of the map, and jumping off of a slanted texture near the tape. The video to the right demonstrates these and some others. There are plenty of holes in the death plane, so if you fall further than normal and get sent to the graffiti stop and don't know why, you probably found an out of map deathwarp.

(picture coming probably not soon)

Escape NT Fight

By jumping off to the left of the entrance rail, and then curving right around the building as you fall, you can spawn beyond the trigger for the Noise Tanks fight. This allows you to collect souls for this level without having to make another trip here in a later chapter.

Special Challenge

The special challenge for this level is to go from a red rail, to one of the swinging pendulums, to another red rail. There are no actual restrictions on which red rail to begin or end with; you can start on either one, touch either pendulum, and then jump back to the same rail immediately, and the challenge will still work. You can even death warp after touching the pendulum - you'll spawn back onto the same rail you started on, which also satisfies the challenge.

Secret of the Dragon

Discovered by Crabbi, April 24 2017

Secret of the Dragon is a strat that applies to the topmost of the 5 graffiti in the T-Rex part of the level.

Because of its awkward hitbox, the window to spray that graffiti is narrower than usual, requiring precise timing of the right trigger. In speedruns, you're grinding up the T-Rex from the bottom, and the graffiti camera from spraying the sequence of graffiti blocks your vision of the last one. This means that you can't time your spray and have to rely on holding down the right trigger, which performs a spray tick periodically depending on your character's spray speed.

Secret of the Dragon lets you spray the last graffiti consistently by precisely aligning your spray ticks with it. Grind at full speed, and experiment to find a cue to start holding down the right trigger. When you find one that works, it will work every time.


Dino Pickle

Discovered by suprix, September 2017

You can pickle through some of the supporting structures underneath the swinging pendulums. Like most pickles, this trick is completely useless.

Turnstile Void

Discovered by suprix???, ~2019

If you jump at a precise location just beyond the turnstiles, some weird collision with the ceiling will launch you at an extremely high speed and cause you to void (similar to the Garage Hoop OoB). Sadly there is no recorded evidence of the trick.

Beginning OoB

Discovered by Walle Liao, Feb 2009

Similar to how onion works, you can be pushed out of bounds by the rail structures near the beginning of the level.