Dogenzaka Hill

Speedrun Tech

Graffiti Stop Cutscene Skip

Discovered by suprix, Feb 2020

There is a cutscene near the Dogenzaka Graffiti Stop where DJK explains how to save and change characters. This cutscene can be skipped by simply not entering the trigger zone.

The main problem is avoiding the trigger when coming from the direction of the record store. When reaching the end of the halfpipe, grind the stair railing and do a full speed jump - this will give you enough air time to land safely on the other side of the trigger zone. From there, it is possible to talk to Beat from far away and begin the race.

When finishing the Beat race, you must finish the race in the air above the height of the trigger zone. Because you are frozen in air during the cutscenes, you will not be in the roughly character height-tall box when the cutscene could play after the race. Instead, you will be teleported directly to the cop fight.

Cop Fight Setup

A popular setup for the dogenzaka hill cop fight. Run into the first group of cops horizontally from left to right, and then pause for about a second at the railing. If done correctly, the second group of cops will stand still allowing you to deal with them quickly and exit the level sooner.

Triple Multi

A triple Multi-Unlock used in categories that collect souls.

  • 8X 1A 5X 5Y - Grind 10, Tricks 20, and Points 50k

Special Challenge

Something interesting about the Special Challenge in this level is that the landing trigger extends far into the market. As long as you skate down Main Street in one combo, it doesn't matter if you touch the ground on the other side of the trigger. Simply hop once inside the trigger and the challenge will still unlock.

Dogen Super

The Dogen Super is a double frameboost into a perfect shuffle as you enter the record store. It is usually attempted during the Beat Race. It saves a boost, but since there's no better place to use it, the Dogen Super doesn't actually save much time at all, so people don't really go for it anymore.

Mystery Can

This refers to a specific yellow can floating just beyond the rail shown in the video to the right. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. It just depends on the trick angle.


Frozen Textbox

Discovered by suprix, June 2018

Going from Dogenzaka to Shibuya through Garage is the most likely place of getting a Frozen Textbox during a run. If you think you're in danger of getting it, it's advisable to slow down a bit and make sure the 2nd audio plays before entering the load zone. Remember that if you do get one, your run is over as your game will crash at the next chapter cutscene. This is colloquially known as "getting Professor'd".

Load Zone OoB

Discovered by Crabbi, April 2017

By finishing the cop fight while entering the load trigger for Garage, you will respawn after the victory dance already in the load trigger. This causes the load trigger to fail and allows you to skate beyond the load zone.

Ramp Bounce

It seems to be caused by an invisible bump in the slope which you can boost over in just the right way to get enough height to skip part of the slope. This does seem to save a small amount of time, but is only known to have been done twice in history.