The Bottom Point of Sewage Facility

Speedrun Tech

Bottom Point Clip

If you jump into where a certain pillar meets the wall, the pillar will push you through the wall, which makes you death warp right into the trigger for the PJ fight. This is much faster than going through the level normally.

The optimal way of performing this is to jump from the red pipe directly into the corner. You need to hold left and jump at a fairly precise location, and when you clear the pillar, you can shift to down left to keep your angle parallel to the pillar. For some reason, doing this while backwards makes this a lot easier.

The easier, but slower, way is to jump onto the catwalk, boost up to the top (make sure you still have 30 cans for PJ), then skate down the catwalk and trick jump onto the pillar, and let it slide you down and through the wall. There is a free soul here if you do this method, meaning you can use this to substitute one of the slower souls in any%.

Quick PJ

Quick PJ is the strat we do to kill Poison Jam as quickly as possible. Remember that each PJ requires no less than 30 continuous cans each - if you start spraying one and you stop spraying him before he's dead, it'll burn a can and he'll be left with 1 HP. Also, PJ will wait for you at certain points, which means you can take your time at certain parts. Some parts, however, will always be quite precise.

1. As soon as the fight starts, spray the PJ right in front of you. Keep behind him but try not to touch him. He should be dead before the end of the first halfpipe.

    • If you can veer to the left and right to grab some cans from the rails without breaking your spray, it'll save some time before the 2nd PJ.

2. When he's dead, grind the left halfpipe rail and trick jump down to the blue cans at the side of the room. If you successfully got cans during the 1st PJ, you may have 30 cans just from the blues here. If not, grind the rail to get 30 and jump onto the left halfpipe rail.

3. Now, you must jump across from the left halfpipe rail to the right one, while spraying the front-most PJ. Continue riding the rail as the camera reverts back to normal. Once the front-most PJ is off-screen, click the left thumbstick to drop into the halfpipe and grind the blue pipe. As you're grinding, flick down a few times to slow down a bit, so that the front-most PJ will land perfectly in front of you. Spray him while managing your speed - do not touch him while grinding (touching him as you're jumping to the catwalk is fine)! He should be dead as you're skating on the catwalk.

    • When you're jumping from the left halfpipe rail to the righthand one, you must not let the 2nd PJ spray you as you're jumping. For some reason, this has a significant chance of breaking his AI, causing him to grind up and down the room and making you chase him down. This is quite annoying and wastes a lot of time, so make sure you jump with a healthy distance between the two of you.

4. When he's dead, grind the left halfpipe rail back into the room you were just in. Get 30 cans here, and you should find the last PJ skating around here in a circle. Easy kill.

    • Don't go back into the previous room too quickly, or you may not trigger the last PJ to enter the room with you. If you enter the room and PJ isn't there, try going back up and see if he's just waiting for you. Get close to him and he should jump down and you can finish the strat as normal.

Double Unlock

A double Multi-Unlock used in categories that collect souls.

  • 5X5Y - Grind 10, Points 50k


Jabro Clip

The Jabro clip is a clip in Bottom Point that loses a considerable amount of time if got in any%. Your character gets stuck between the end of the halfpipe and the blue pipe, which causes you to slip through the ground and deathwarp to the start of the PJ fight.