Using Cheat Engine

Cxbx-r runs in two separate processes, one for the UI and one for emulation. Thus you have to take care to hook CE to the correct process. You can do that easily by first starting emulation (F5 key) then scroll down to the second Cxbx.exe process in CE’s open process window. Note that you can automate the attachment to cxbx.exe from CE’s settings.

Find the latest jsrf.CE pinned in the JSRF Reverse Engineering discord. I update it as new stuff is discovered. Read-only addresses are marked by *, and dropdown groups by +. “Activate” those to expand them.

To scan for and add addresses to the table you can follow generic CE tutorials. In JSRF, very few addresses are fixed and will work the next time you launch the game. Generally, after you’ve scanned for an address successfully, you have to pointer scan for it as well. Simply put, a pointer is an address whose value is another address. Multiple pointers are often chained together, only the first one having a fixed address. Search for pointer scan tutorials to see how CE can do this work for you.