Highway Zero

Speedrun Tech

Quick Immortals

Discovered by electrowolf, July 2020

A new Immortals strat which utilizes a boost right at the beginning to catch up with them. It's best to enter with close to 30 cans.

It's also safer, after the 1st one is dead, to not scatter spray the other two like the video shows, since this can get you Can Scammed. Start spraying the 2nd one after the 1st rail, and the last one after the 2nd rail - this guarantees consistent can amounts.

Special Challenge

Researched by ycarcomed, May 27 2020

Similar to Chuo Street's special challenge, Highway Zero's special challenge has a hidden requirement to unlock. For this soul to unlock consistently, you must wallride the first billboard for at least 6 frames (0.1 seconds) and land past the sloped area.

The clip to the right shows the first wallride for 5 frames failing in the first attempt, then succeeding with a wallride of 6 frames in the second attempt.

Zig Zag Clip (Yayo's Door)

Discovered by Yayodelariva, April 2019

There's a clip you can do in the zig zag pipe area, where a certain pipe's collision can push you through the wall and out of bounds. This allows you to just boost to the other side of the area, instead of going through the zig zags.

Billboard WTFTPAW

Just beyond the garbage pit, there is no collision for the walls above the billboards. With a precise jump, you can jump into the wall and death warp. This brings you back to the market area faster than skating normally.

This death warp is quite close to the No Entry load zone at the other end of the entrance highway. Be careful not to death warp while in this trigger, or you will softlock.

Double Multi

A complicated double Multi-Unlock used in categories that collect souls.

  • 5X 2A 1X 4A 8X 2A 7X 2A 7X 2A 6X 2A 15X - Grind 15, Tricks 70


Market OoB

Discovered by S4ND1B4RT, September 2011

There is some building collision you can pickle through in the Market, which you can use to get out of bounds. You can skate through the buildings and even death warp.

Pole Glitch

Discovered by inuyamashiba, July 2020

By falling down into a pole at the proper angle, you can fall in and out of the grind, similar to the Skyscraper Infinite Tricks glitch. This, however, does not give you a trick combo - you must do the tricks yourself.