Shibuya Terminal

Speedrun Tech

Quick Zero Beat

There are many different ways to deal with the Zero Beat fight at the end of the game. The classic strat (video to the right) is what was used for a long time and doesn't require any cans beforehand. The new strats by electrowolf (the 4 videos below) are ordered roughly from easiest to hardest, though your mileage may vary. No one currently uses the 4th method. If you have a bad train fight and don't finish with enough cans to do a newer strat, just stick with the classic one. The 5th method works with a lot of cans and currently requires a specific train setup in order to enter Zero Beat with a sufficient amount.

All methods require around 3-7 cans beforehand, and methods 1 and 3 begin similarly enough that one may choose between them on-the-fly if their cans permit it.

To make method 1 doable with 0 cans, you may have to go immediately left onto the ramp section and pick up 2 extra cans there and an extra one by shuffling to the area with the circular grinds instead of jumping over that can. This backup is tricky to do, but it does make method 1 the fastest option when starting with 0 cans.

An extremely rare occurrence is that sometimes one of the Zero Beats doesn't pick up all the cans in their path, making some methods possible with far fewer cans. This should never be relied upon.

It should also be noted that the amount of cans it takes to kill each Zero Beat can vary by 1 or 2 cans (see Can Scam), however the absolute minimum is 20 cans to kill each Zero Beat.

1) Easiest (0-3 cans required)

3) Kinda hard (4-7 cans)

5) Fast but requires a lot of cans (11+ cans)

2) Bit harder (3-5 cans)

4) Holy moly (7-9 cans)

Double Multi

A double Multi-Unlock used in categories that collect souls.

  • 5X 2A 5X 1A 5X 5Y - Grind 10, Points 100k

Special Challenge

Shibuya's "13 Platforms" challenge is infamous for not registering, even if you did it perfectly. There are a few strats you can do to try and mitigate potential timeloss if it decides to just not work.

  • Double-tapping each platform as you're doing it (e.g. hopping on each platform an extra time to give the game another chance to register it)

    • To safely double tap the grey ramp platform, you must be facing perpendicular to the slope so that you don't roll off of it.

  • There are also a few 'problem platforms' that fail more often than others. These are highlighted on the map in this picture. Even if you choose not to double-tap all the platforms, consider double-tapping these just to be safe. Also, if the challenge still doesn't complete, these are the platforms you should double-check first.

Remember that the challenge only properly fails if you touch the ground - not roofs, elevated platforms, or catwalks.

(picture coming soon!)

Yellow Skip

Yellow Skip is a "trick" where you jump over the yellow block as you enter Chuo. It's a tiny optimization that is only barely faster if you're skating normally - if you're boosting, it's faster to go around the block than to trick jump.



The original Pickle (from which other Pickles derive their name) is found in the southeastern area of Shibuya, near the cubby soul area. The trick itself is useless in a speedrun, but it's tradition for runners to attempt it after Zero Beat, as they're waiting to be warped to Gouji's Tower.

Jump Onto the Train Tracks

Discovered by YayodelaRiva, May 2017

With some precise frameboosts, it's actually possible to jump onto the normally inaccessible train tracks high above Shibuya. Although it's not useful (or viable) in a run, there are functional rails, as well as several places where you can easily go out of bounds.