Chuo Street

Speedrun Tech

Knock Hayashi Off the Roof

Discovered by Naestrinus, July 2020

With this new setup, knocking Hayashi off the roof is now faster than spraying him by ~2-3 seconds.

You need to bait him into charging at you to bring him close enough to the edge, then quickturn around and knock him off. You cannot quickturn while in tackling mode, so you must first get far enough away from him.

Double Multi

A double Multi-Unlock used in categories that collect souls.

  • 10Y - Grind 10, Points 60k

Special Challenge

Researched by ycarcomed, April 2019

Chuo's special challenge has a tricky requirement that is never mentioned in-game. You must grind the first rail for more than one second, then reach the end of the street without touching the ground. The wallrides and everything else in between is irrelevant. At maximum speed, a player is only on the first rail for about 1.2 seconds, so this requirement is easy to fail if runners are not careful to grind early. Similar to the Dogen special challenge, the landing area for this challenge is large.

The clip on the right demonstrates the minimum requirements by grinding the first rail then teleporting near the end of the street: first a failed attempt after grinding for 60 frames (61 on the timer), and a successful attempt after grinding for 61 frames (62 on the timer) which causes the soul to unlock.

Secret of the Tiger

A tag exists on the upper part of the west-facing side of the large building in the center of Chuo street. By entering the building from the east and then letting go of the control stick, characters with Gum's acceleration will land perfectly on a small platform to spray the graffiti.

The Ang

The Ang is a very rare and precise tackle on Hayashi straight out of the staircase grind. It is unknown what causes it, but it seems like the tackle barely registers as hitting Hayashi in the back, knocking him forward and right off of the roof, ending the fight very quickly. Knocking him off the roof this quickly is faster than spraying him and saves 2 cans, but is too inconsistent to be viable.

Getting Tanked

"Getting tanked" is a specific instance of can scam. This usually happens with the first 2 tanks - if you have bad enough luck, you will run out of cans before spraying the 2nd tank cop. At that point you'll need the backup cans over by the health can. This usually only occurs if you start spraying a tank with 3 or less cans.

0 cycle claws

The fight with the Claws guy can be completed before he is able to take any actions if done in a manner similar to the video on the right. This method requires at least 31 (32?) cans, so Clutch or Jazz are required.

0.5 cycle claws backup

1 cycle backup


Theorized Tank Skip

It is possible clear all the graffiti in Chuo without ever triggering the tank fight. Unfortunately, Chuo's chapter 2 mission is unique in that the graffiti challenge is never completed until you defeat the tanks and Hayashi, even if you spray all the tags. This skip would save over a minute, but due to this limitation, it is not currently possible.

Chuo past exit

Discovered by electrowolf, Sept 2019

This is very rare. Unknown cause, although theorized to be a pickle through the level trigger.

On top of Chuo Street tower

Discovered by KeybadeBlox, February 2016

By taking damage right as you exit the Chuo shortcut, you can be knocked backwards into the door, which allows you to take control in an area that normally has automated movement. You can jump and then take damage again in midair to be knocked onto the top of the tower.


Discovered by OlO_ili, ~2018

Some insane collision with the car can push you through the wall and out of bounds.

Back Alley OOB

Discovered by olo_ili, June 2021

This movement in the grind and wallride alley area can allow you to escape the map and warp closer to the exits of the level.