Fortified Residential Zone

Speedrun Tech

Quickjets/Jet RNG

The rockets that the jets shoot at you are completely random, however a mostly-consistent strat for this fight is to jump off the left ramp, spray the first one in the air, then jump off the first one and spray the 2nd one in the air. You'll probably take damage from the explosion, but it won't be enough to kill you before the fight ends.

Ladder Jump

The only useful Ladder Jump in the game is in FRZ, at the first ladder you jump on in the route. This skips a level of the structure you have to climb. There is only a 2-frame window to do this jump in, making it difficult.

Drop Clip

Discovered by Walle Liao, Feb 2009

At a certain corner of the 2nd level, there's some missing collision you can fall through to land on top of one of the switch structures. This is also where a soul spawns, making this trick quite convenient in categories that collect souls.

Technically a WTFTPAW and not a clip, but Drop Clip is a much better name.

Reverse Tricks Glitch

Discovered by Walle Liao, Feb 2009

If you grind the Giant of Metal backwards, and then allow your speed to go negative (so you're technically skating down the rail), and then mash A, you can perform tricks at an extremely high rate. This, along with mashing X to do tricks on the frames still on the rail, is by far the fastest way to complete FRZ's 100 Tricks challenge.

Feather Jump

You can boost jump off of the incline of one of the gears to skip a spiral staircase on your way to the final switch.

This trick has variations of boost timings that are roughly similar in time save. The current, fastest version is in the video to the right.

Aaron Jump

On one of the spiral stairs after the final switch, you can jump off early and through a gap in the floor, for a slightly faster route to Yoyo.

Super Aaron Jump

An even faster variation of this is to grind the inside rail and jump over the fence. This is about a second faster, but is more difficult.

World Record Jump

At the start of the red devices section, a boost jump can be made from the rail near the last blue device to the roof of a house, allowing a skip of falling down and then grinding up. An extension of this jump was discovered by YayodelaRiva in 2019 where a quickturn and hop can be performed, skipping a smaller fall and grind up stairs. This trick is sometimes called Universe Record jump.

This jump was originally called World Record jump because it was missed an oddly large amount of times in near world record runs. Because the largest time save at the time was that jump, the run that got the got the jump became the world record and the trick became known as World Record jump.

Jabro Jump

A precise jump to skip going around the buildings during the Yoyo climb. Tricky to do in an actual run since your speed is interrupted by the victory dance from clearing the switches.

Super Jabro Jump

Slightly faster variation of the above jump, going on the other side of the buildings instead of over them.


Ladder Clip

Discovered by electrowolf, June 2019

When attempting Ladder Jump, there's an extremely small chance that the ladder will clip you out of bounds. Not useful for anything.


Discovered by S4ND1B4RT, November 2012

From the top level where Yoyo was held, you can jump through a wall and land out of bounds.